Distribution - Lariplast sa

LARIPLAST meets your every need, both in Greece and abroad. Being guided by constant improvement, in 1996 we developed partnerships with global networks.

Our products are distributed to Balkan countries, to countries of the Middle East to European markets like England, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Cyprus, and to the other side of the Atlantic. The distribution concerns catering services, wholesale and retail trade.

Our collaborations are constantly expanding, both in terms of specialization and coverage. Since 1969 in the field of plastics, we have the largest and best organized distribution network, which is supported by four large transportation vehicles, a juggernaut and smaller service trucks.

The qualifications of our collaborators are fully harmonized with the specifications that the company has set for its proper functioning, in order to enjoy LARIPLAST's integrated services at any point in Athens, but also throughout the world.

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