"Six Thessalian enterprises in the 175 best of Grant Thornton"

"Six Thessalian enterprises in the 175 best of Grant Thornton"

The international audit firm Grant Thornton, in collaboration with the bank Eurobank, has outlined 175 companies,


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regardless of size, who are leading in their industry for their high performance. Among them, 6 Thessalian, which are 10 if added, and four non-resident in Thessaly which maintain productive units in our region.

Those are (in alphabetical order): GORGKOLIS SA Representatives - Importers of Vehicles (Mopeds - Trikala), KARATZI SA Various industrial products (Larissa Networking Unit), LARIPLAST PLASTICS INDUSTRY SA COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS (Located and produces in Larissa), MAKRIS, TH., METALLEMPORIKI SA Various metal products (Headquarters and production in Larissa), MARKOU ΚΒ Β. Textile Industry (Located in Livadia, belongs to Markos Group in Larissa), LOULI MILLS SA Flour mills (Headquarters and production in Magnesia), PAPADOPOULOS EI SA BAKERY AND FOOD INDUSTRY Bakery & Confectionery (With factory in Volos), TYRAS SA Dairy Products (Headquarters and production of Trikala), HOTOS SA Dairy Products (Headquarters and production of Falani Larissa)

The 175 have some common features such as: retention of turnover, operating profitability, high cash flow, net profit after tax, high cash. In addition, another paradox is that many companies that manage to export abroad receive hard competition from multinationals in Greece.

Still, they can withstand these pressures thanks to their well-balanced finances.