About Lariplast

Welcome to Lariplast

Established in 1969, we are a company specializing in the production of packaging for food and beverages made from plastic and paper.

With over 50 years of experience in packaging production, our goal is to provide you with the best solutions for your packaging needs in the highest possible quality!

Welcome to Lariplast

Our Vision

Lariplast has created the foundations to be able to respond to the challenges of the future quickly and successfully. The constant development and investment on the latest technology in the field of plastics, as well as direct contact with international innovations, both in raw materials and in production methods, guarantee that we meet your most hard to pleased demands.These factors make it possible to develop a strategy, which summarizes as follows:

  • To maintain and strengthen our position in the market.

Innovations on the products of our own production, with industrial patents and patents registered in EU bodies, making products more affordable and more competitive.

  • Further development of exports.

With a second modern productive unit in France (www.lariplast.fr) in the town of Marle.Our factory exports to the following countries: USA - UK - Ireland - Italy - Spain - France - Belgium - Sweeden - Panama - Puerto Rico - Israel - Libanon - Cyprus - Romania - Albania - FYROM - Bulgaria - Kosovo - Serbia - Bosnia & Herzegovina.

  • To provide integrated, cross-sector solutions and realization of innovative services.

  • To serve and create added value for our customers

  • In the extension of the branding method.
Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Lariplast has changed the standards in the way we perceive and face of plastic products. Our philosophy stems from a series of values that govern every step of our business. Our people are the most important asset for the success of LARIPLAST.

We are constantly next to our customers and partners, in their every step and special need. We activly offer in society, contributing to environmental protection. This is why we have created quality facilities, investing in recycling plastic units and ensuring the quality of our products, based on ELOT EN ISO Certificate 9001: 2000.

We have developed the most complete network of production lines for the most comprehensive and complete result, according to the utter satisfaction of your demands. Our every action is in line with the international standards, which derive from the laws and regulations, both in Greece and abroad.

Quality and innovation are the two basic principles, contributing to the creation of a company, which acts based on detail and the highest level of service.

Our Philosophy

Βήματα στην Ιστορία μας

The establishment of Lariplast. In the late '60s, our founder, Angelos Tserpas, initiated a small manufacturing workshop for yogurt cups. Exceptionally innovative and pioneering, as during that period, plastic packaging was in its infancy.

Our People

Our people are the Past, Present, and Future of our company. They are the cornerstone of dynamic growth and efficient operation.

In a work environment where we operate with Ethos/Pathos/Logos, all our people are members of our family, building their careers in an innovative, open-minded, and warm atmosphere.

Our People